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Strong magnetic properties of NdFeB

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According to the proportion of each ingredient in the formula, the magnetic force can be increased or decreased. There are N35—N52, N35M—N50M, N30H—N48H, N30SH—N45SH, N28UH—N35UH, N28EH—N35EH performance indicators. The conventional strong magnetic force is N35 -N35 performance in N52 grades (high temperature resistance of 80 degrees), other high-performance NdFeB magnets can be customized upon request.

Shanghai Cihan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, specializing in the production of magnets, NdFeB, magnetic bars, magnetic frames and other magnetic products. The factory of Shanghai Cihan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has wire cutting machine, slicer, grinder, a full set of electroplating and electrophoresis equipment. High-vacuum smelting, sintering furnace and advanced automatic control jet mill are selected in the device, which ensures the basic oxygen-free operation of the production process, and makes a breakthrough in the coercive force and service temperature of the product. The factory produces and sells independently, with high quality products and preferential prices.

The NdFeB strong magnetic series products produced by the company are complete in variety, with the characteristics of high magnetic energy product, high coercivity and high magnetic induction intensity. The treatment can meet the requirements of salt spray test for more than 72 hours. Product specifications and performance can be customized according to user needs.

Our products comply with the EU's Rohs environmental certification, with SGS and Rohs certification. At the same time, we can open ordinary invoices and 13% value-added tax invoices for customers. The company has been able to produce high-performance magnets such as N35-N52, 35M, 38EH, 38UH, and 40UH. According to user requirements, we can design, sample, and customize products of various specifications. The surface can be galvanized, nickel-plated and epoxy electrophoretic, and can be resistant to high temperature of 250 °C. Based on the interests of customers, our factory strictly controls the quality and attaches great importance to technological innovation. Products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions. At present, it has reached cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises.
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