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What is a magnetic bar

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The magnetic bar is composed of an inner magnetic core and an outer cladding, and the magnetic core is composed of a cylindrical magnet block and a magnet conducting sheet. Mainly used for iron pins in raw materials; filtering various fine powders and liquids, iron-containing impurities in semi-liquids and other substances with energy and magnetic properties, widely used in chemical, food, waste recycling, carbon black and other fields.

The inside of the long magnetic rod uses a permanent magnet as the magnetic source, the surface is wrapped with a stainless steel tube, and both ends are welded and sealed. Using its magnetic force to sort out fine iron impurities from the material, it can improve the purity of the material and protect the downstream equipment. The strong magnetic bar can be used alone in the feeding port, the discharging port or the conveying pipeline, and can also be used to make a complete set of magnetic grid, drawer type iron remover, fluid iron remover and rotary iron remover.

Strong magnetic bar optional features:
1. Surface material: SUS304, SUS316L;
2. Magnetic strength grade: 3000GS, 6000Gs, 8000Gs, 10000Gs, 12000GS, 13000GS;
3. Working temperature <: 80°C, 100°C, 120°C, 150°C, 180°C, 200°C, 300°C;
4. End face design: threaded holes, screws, rings, cylinders, tapered tips, etc.;
5. Size: standard diameter 25mm, length within 2500mm; other commonly used diameters D16, D19, D20, D22, D28, D32, D38, D50, D76, D100; can also be made into a square-shaped magnetic rod, the common size is 19 *19mm, 25*25mm, 50*25mm, etc.
6. Other special requirements can also be customized according to customized requirements.
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